Smart Real Estate Management.

Running a real estate business is hard. FlareAgent recruits AI to make your process much more efficient.

Cut down the time taken for a transaction from weeks to hours.

Software that listens.

Take control over the dashboard by changing sizes and tiles to fit your custom needs.

Same software, different dashes.

Differently prioritized tiles for brokers and agents.

Across every device.

Sit comfortably in your office chair, or be on the go; FlareAgent follows you from where you last left off.

Transactions secured.

Built on a blockchain-based database that is fast and secure.

Create transactions.

Just like that.

FlareAgent chops away all paperwork, so that transactions can be easily handled on the cloud.

Manage your business on your mobile app, and enable your agents to make transactions on-the-go.

Work your workflows.

Change anything and everything you need to, or let our Intelligent Workflows work behind the scenes to suggest updates to you based on your behavior.

All while your data is secured and can only be accessed by you and those you share it with.

Reach us to discuss your next steps

Technology has arrived at your agency’s doorstep. Embrace it now!

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