Simple Real Estate Transactions

We believe that every feature we implement has to first come from you.

We don’t overload you with any features you don’t need or use. FlareAgent is modular, so you can add or remove parts of the software you don’t need, and you can only pay for what you use.

We set up FlareAgent for you when you first reach out to us, and make sure that you don’t have to worry about spending any extra money or time to optimize the software. Our top-notch customer support makes sure that your concerns are heard and addressed.




At-a-Glance Transaction Progress

Use FlareAgent to keep track of how your transactions are going. Access details, documents and chat of any transaction easily. All at your finger tips.

Email Integrated Chat

Organize and manage all your communication through FlareAgent. Even if you send a chat message to someone who doesn’t have FlareAgent yet, they’ll receive an email. They can reply to the email, and it will show up for you in your FlareAgent chat.

View, Edit, Sign, and Store Documents

Manage any financial or legal documents required, and view them years later. All documents are stored for you securely.

Auto-Populated To-do List

Your to-do list automatically pulls information from your transactions, and keeps you updated. You can also create your own custom tasks.

Overview Dashboard

Manage your team by getting instant snapshots of aggregate data, and create monthly reports easily.

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