Simple, Automated
Real Estate Transactions

Up To 2 Hours Faster Every Day

You can now close transactions in just days. We eliminate redundant and repeated tasks with our golden rule: “Enter Information Only Once”. Never again will you rewrite addresses, emails or names. Focus on the details specific to your transaction.

2500 properties worth over $500mm have already been transacted on FlareAgent!

Perfect User and Client Experience

All the information and documents related to a single transaction exist on the same page. Agents, brokers, buyers/sellers and third parties can get access to the entire page, or only parts of the page with user permissions. This cuts down back and forth emailing, scheduling and phone calls, and speeds up the entire process.

One-Stop Solution

Don’t scramble across project management, communication, transaction management, document signing & management and cloud storage tools just for a single transaction. Find all your needs pertaining to starting, closing and archiving transactions on the same platform.

What They’re Saying

“Using FlareAgent saves me tons of hours every week, and has saved me over $25,000 in logistical paper work just last year! My admin team is able to handle many more transactions at once too because of how simple everything is, and how automated transactions have become.”

Chiaki BrownCEO, Vortex Realty
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