Smart Real Estate Management.

Brokers, agents, banks, lawyers, buyers and sellers can view the progress of a transaction from start to end.

Better communication and transparency reduces transaction time by 90%, and increases success of deals.


FlareAgent ships with a template based on your location and agency size. Make tweaks to it to fit your needs.

Secured by Blockchain.

Every document and dollar processed by FlareAgent is backed by the best security protocols.

Mobile, Web, iPad.

Create a transaction on your phone or iPad, and complete it on your computer. FlareAgent syncs across all your devices.

Handles all documents.

Upload, sign, and view all financial and legal documents. Access easily with permanent storage.

Create and access transactions.

Just like that.

FlareAgent gets rid of files and stacks of paper by moving the entire process onto the cloud.

Save hours of time and thousands of dollars by simply accessing transaction records online, instead of flipping through physical records.

Work your workflows.

Based on your unique needs, FlareAgent is shipped to you with a template that best fits you.

Over time, our Intelligent Workflows will suggest ways for you to improve the efficiency of the transaction process.

Reach us to discuss your next steps

Technology has arrived at your agency’s doorstep. Embrace it now!

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