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Spend less time on every deal, and handle more deals at once. We take your workflow, automate the boring paperwork, and let you focus on generating and closing more deals.


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You know what works best for you, and now you want to take on more deals. Scale your leads instead of having to spend time and money on hiring more staff. 100’s of deals at your finger tips.

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Give them the best home buying and selling experience ever. Invite your clients onto the transaction. Show them the progress you’ve made, and help them stay organized with their documents and tasks.

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“Using FlareAgent saves me tons of hours every week, and has saved me over $25,000 in logistical paper work just last year! My admin team is able to handle many more transactions at once too because of how simple everything is, and how automated transactions have become.”

Chiaki BrownCEO, Vortex Realty