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Agents and Brokerages

Who is FlareAgent for?

Currently, FlareAgent is for residential real estate agents and brokers.

How will you expand?

We see ourselves combining all the dots in a transaction process, to create an end-to-end streamlined experience. This includes the mortgage, title, escrow and closing process. This means that you’ll be able to close deals much faster when the entire process can be automated.

Are you trying to replace agents?

Absolutely not! In fact, we think agents play a crucial role in the transaction process, so we want to empower them to keep up in the vastly evolving real estate space.

What value does FlareAgent provide me?

  1. You can close deals a lot faster.
  2. You can very easily keep your client informed of any updates, so you save time, and reduce deals from falling through.
  3. You can spend more time on generating and closing deals, rather than boring paperwork and waiting for mortgage and title companies to reply you and your client.
  4. And much more!

Home Buyers/Sellers

Can I use my own agent?

Yes! The best part of using FlareAgent is that you can work with your favorite agent that you already have a relationship with! If you need help finding someone, we can work with you to look for an agent that works for you!

Can I use FlareAgent without an agent?

While FlareAgent provides you tons of value, we focus on agents as a means to enable you that access to value. Right now, we don’t offer services to For Sale by Owners (FSOB) properties.

What value does FlareAgent provide me?

Right now, you can easily stay on top of your transaction process, and always be aware of what you need to do or what’s happening.

Moving forward, we are hoping to give you access to the best mortgage, title and escrow special deals through our partners based on your location and situation, so closing costs can be brought down vastly.